A street light picks out the frosted branches of nearby trees, their crisp white detail fading into the surrounding darkness.
The Reds
An old shot, but one I quite like - I didn't realise I had got the aircraft in this shot until I had the image in Lightroom, and brought the levels up a little. The split between dark blue & the night sky works perfectly to highlight the planes path also :)
An early start for a Monday morning but well worth it! Here's September 2015s Super Blood Moon as seen from Lincolnshire, UK.
November 2015, bonfire night celebrations around a local lake made the air was thick with smoke from fireworks. This plus the flood lighting, and spectators made for some interesting shots. I like how this one turned out because of the eire atmosphere created by the light shining through the trees and smoke, and the movement of figures caught with a slight blur.
More shots from a local firework display celebrating the Christmas light switch-on.
More fireworks from the spectacular local show to celebrate turning on the Christmas lights!
A spectacular local firework display!
January's Waning Crescent x2
There's something pleasing about big, fluffy, white clouds against a crisp blue sky on a summers day!
A quick shot of a recent sunset. I love how the darker clouds frame the fiery ones and the blue sky beyond, almost like you’re peering through a window to another sky 👌
Street Lights

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