Candyfloss skies set the backdrop for this evenings dramatic vista in the city.
This is Exchange Place, one of the first skyscrapers I shot in Boston, I like it's curves! Exchange Place is a modern skyscraper in the Financial District, Built in 1985, it is Boston's 13th tallest building, standing 510 feet tall, and containing 40 floors.
Tree in the City
The view looking up as we drove over Tower Bridge, London. This was the best shot of the few I took. I'm slightly annoyed that the angles arent quite right (as we weren't straight-on with the bridge at this point), but with the dramatic sky I thought it to be a worthy shot anyway.
A B&W shot of Lincoln Cathedral (UK) from under the arches of the Galilee Porch
A quick snap of a couple sharing a moment in front of a Carousel at a Christmas Market, perfect opportunity to do a little long exposure, not helped by the freezing cold & drizzle/rain but I'm fairly happy with the result.
Crowds gather to catch a glimpse of the iconic Flying Scotsman travelling through Lincoln on it's latest tour down to Kings Cross. A magnificent piece of engineering!
A perspective shot of York Minster taken last week. Clear skies made for nice contrast and crisp lines

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